Carrots and Butternut Squash For F(All)

We can’t believe it is already mid-October and we are half-way through our celebration of National Farm to School Month!  The Dexter Farm to School Program and Dexter Food and Nutrition have had a great response to our local Farm to School samplings.

Last week, Cornerstone students were introduced to rainbow carrots through a sampling that was available to all students.  Students loved the carrots and loved discussing the flavors of the different colors even more- white, green, yellow, orange, pink, and purple.  Which tastes better? What was your favorite?

Who knew carrots came in so many different colors and flavors?IMG_3204

This week Bates students were introduced to roasted Butternut squash samples.  All Bates’ students were offered a sample during their lunch period and the reviews were many but mixed.


Squash is typically a vegetable that students shy away from, especially in the cafeteria.  Some students came to the sample table just because they love squash, others came because they thought it might be a surprise sweet treat, and still others came up as a dare from peers.  Whether the students sampled out of courage, curiosity or true love of squash, we still had a large number of students try roasted squash, and some for the very first time.  Ultimately we want students to make healthy decisions about their eating habits and sometimes this takes many “tries” from students.

Thumbs up to sampling and many more “tries” during National Farm to School Month.



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