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We love volunteers! We need volunteers to help maintain our garden, water plants in the greenhouse and to help in the Kitchen Classroom. If you’re interested in volunteering please email:


If you’d like to donate funds, download our Donor Form for more details.

Sign up for Busch’s Cash for Education.  This program is free and easy to enroll in! We would greatly appreciate it if you would follow the attached link and choose “DCS Creekside Intermediate” on the list of nonprofit choices. Thank you for your support of our school gardens!

If you’d like to donate tools, or other tangibles, check out our Wish List.
To donate items send an email to:


Read the Michigan Good Food Charter then Sign the Resolution

Stay informed with updates from the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

Learn about the Child Nutrition Reauthorization and how it impacts school nutrition programs

Find out what the Washtenaw Food Policy Council is doing to support farm to school and local food systems


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