Dexter Farm to School

Is a Dexter Community School program that focuses on gardening, cooking and healthy eating to grow self esteem and cultivate a sense of purpose and place in all Dexter students.

What We Do

Dexter Farm to School provides positive health benefits and academic opportunities to Dexter Community Students through our School Kitchen-Garden Programs and the Dexter Food and Nutrition Program.

In the Garden

Students plant, grow, and harvest many different varieties of vegetables for DCS classrooms and cafeterias

In the Greenhouse

Students grow many varieties of vegetables and pollinators from seed for our Spring Plant Sale and school gardens

In the Kitchen

Students prepare healthy recipes using the produce grown from the school gardens

In the Cafeteria

Students sample fresh, local produce during school lunch

Our Work

1700 pounds of garden produce harvested

10,000 vegetable seedlings grown

25,000 pounds of local produce served

4000 DCS students engaged

Our Impact

“My children have gained valuable life skills from the Farm to School Program.”

-Heidi Patel, DCS Parent

“I don’t normally like squash, but this was pretty good. I give it a Thumbs up!”

-5th grade Creekside student who sampled roasted squash grown in school garden

The Kitchen Garden Program in Dexter is transforming student’s relationships with food…

-Kirsten Korff, 6th Grade Summit Learning Teacher

Dexter Farm to School is a partnership between The 5 Healthy Towns Foundation, Dexter Wellness Coalition and Dexter Community Schools. The Program is made possible by a grant from The 5 Healthy Towns Foundation.