What’s Cooking?

The school garden is put to rest for the winter. We do some indoor gardening projects in the gardening off-season but the cold days of winter bring us mostly inside to our Kitchen Classroom. Our students LOVE to cook. Cooking with students is very fun but It takes planning, a positive attitude, thought and organizationContinue reading “What’s Cooking?”

Discovering Nature

My very favorite thing about being in the garden with students is what we discover while we are gardening. Our garden is an incredible ecosystem for living creatures waiting to be discovered, a fun way to learn and encourage a love of nature.

What is spaghetti squash?

Spaghetti squash is a winter squash that’s golden yellow, shaped like a small watermelon and ranges in size from 2 to 5 pounds. When cooked and then gently scraped out of its shell, spaghetti squash has the appearance of angel hair pasta. Its unique flesh makes it a favorite for kids! Spaghetti squash has aContinue reading “What is spaghetti squash?”

Bell Peppers

Our Bell Pepper plants are thriving this year! Bell Peppers are a warm season vegetable and part of the Nightshade family, along with tomatoes, eggplants, and potatoes. They are tasty, inexpensive and an excellent, healthy dietary choice. Bell peppers start out green, then will ripen to yellow, then orange, then red, and in some casesContinue reading “Bell Peppers”

Back to School 2022!

After a two year break from cooking with students (due to Covid) we will be returning to the Kitchen/Garden classroom this fall! We’re looking forward to using our garden produce to teach students how to make fun, yummy and healthy foods. Help us to purchase back to school supplies for our Kitchen/ Garden Classroom. PleaseContinue reading “Back to School 2022!”

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