Egg rolls in a bowl…Thumbs UP!

As we continue to celebrate National Farm to School Month, a special sampling was served last week at all 6 Dexter cafeterias- deconstructed egg rolls.  Carrots were sourced from Creekside Kitchen Garden, cabbage was sourced from Tantre Farm and Creekside Kitchen Garden and onions from Tantre.  You can find the recipe here.

The response from students was overwhelmingly positive!

“It’s beautiful!”
“Yummy. I eat this food all the time!”
“It was good. Tastes like a stir fry!”
“I’m saying ‘yes!'”
“I want a whole bowl!”
As a parent you may be wondering what the difference is between our Harvest of the Month Menu offering and a sampling.  Every month Farm to School and Dexter Food and Nutrition offer a seasonal Harvest of the Month menu option during the third week of the month.  This menu item is offered to students who purchase a school lunch.
Our samplings are not posted on the monthly menu and are given out to all students who would like to participate, regardless if they bring a home lunch or have purchased a school lunch.  These samples are used to experiment with new scratch recipes and obtain feedback from students.  Often these samples will be served on the menu at a later date.


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