Wylie Students Love Local Cauliflower!

October Harvest of the Month featured locally sourced white and cheddar varieties of cauliflower at all six Dexter Schools.  The cauliflower was sourced from Ruhlig’s Produce located in Dexter on Island Lake Road and was served roasted with a touch of garlic seasoning.  The students at Wylie thought the cauliflower was a hit and wondered when it would be on the menu again.

Here are a few notable comments:Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 9.54.47 AM

“Cauliflower rocks!”

“I like it.  I’ve never tried cauliflower before!”

“I love the spices.  I hope you guys start serving it at Wylie.”

“I did not like it, but I want to try other stuff.”

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