Local chocolatier, Mindo visits DCS Kitchen Classrooms

Farm to School is excited to host a farmer in the classroom presentation by local business and chocolatier, Mindo Chocolate Makers.  Mindo is a “bean to bar” chocolate maker that spans two countries, two continents and over 3000 miles.  The bean harvesting and drying takes place in Mindo, Equador and the chocolate making takes place right here in Dexter.  Mindo Chocolate Makers will present to Mill Creek students who are participating in Mrs. Zurek’s Food’s Class tomorrow 2/7 and they will also present to Creekside’s Kitchen Classroom Flex Classes on Friday 2/10.

During the presentations students will learn about the growing, harvesting and processing of cocoa beans.  They will also be introduced to the process of turning cocoa bean into delicious chocolate and maybe even try a sample or two!

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