Super Local Asparagus!

Asparagus has been a hit with Dexter students for several years now, so this year we challenged our farm to school program to find asparagus from sources that were even more local than in years past. And luckily we’ve found several very local sources for asparagus this month! Ruhlig’s Produce in Dexter and Zilke Vegetable Farm in Milan supplied asparagus for us this week, and their super fresh asparagus will be served on Thursday and Friday this week in Dexter schools!

Last year, our asparagus was grown on Grossnickle Farm in Kaleva, MI, and though the beautiful green and purple spears were wonderful and students ate them up, we saved ~200 miles of travel time (and the carbon emissions associated with that travel) by sourcing our asparagus this year from within 20 miles of our schools. This also means the asparagus our students get this year will be even more fresh and flavorful.

Tell your students to try it for lunch this week!


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