Local Radish and Asparagus Tasting Responses

May Farm Fresh Food Days were a real feature of spring produce in Michigan, with both radishes and asparagus being sampled throughout Dexter schools.  Students at DHS, Mill Creek, Creekside, and Cornerstone got to fresh spring radishes from two different local farms; Zilke Vegetable Farm and Tantre Farm.  After students at those schools ate through ALL of the radishes, we pulled form some of the local asparagus that Dexter Food and Nutrition ordered from Grossnickle Farms through Cherry Capital Foods to sample at Wylie and Bates Elementary schools. Here are some photos and the results of students’ sampling experiences . . .


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Cornerstone Radish Data Creekside Radish Data DHS Radish Data Mill Creek Radish Data


Wylie Bates Asparagus Data

Quotes from students included:

Zippy, Crunchy!


Best ever!

Like an apple/potato.

I love asparagus!



Thank you to all of the staff at Dexter Food and Nutrition for a great year of local food tastings and to our parent volunteers for their dedication and support!

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