Welcome Back Students and Teachers!

Creekside Kitchen Garden

“Wow! I helped plant that garden last spring, look how much it has grown!”

“I love tomatoes, we grow them in our garden at home!”

“How do you grow such giant sunflowers?!”

Creekside students were back in action this week and we are so glad to see returning 6th graders and new 5th graders exploring the gardens. As we were harvesting, classes passed by on their way to recess and so many students had great observations and comments!

A Special Thank You!

We had a great summer at the Creekside gardens and are so fortunate to have had an amazing intern from the University of Michigan, Mary-Kate Szuma oversee the care and harvesting at the gardens. Mary-Kate was very passionate about health, nutrition and gardening. She passed this passion on to both students and community members that she encountered during the summer. Thank you Mary-Kate!

We also wrapped up our last Farm Market of the season on Wednesday. We had a great turnout at the Dexter Wellness Center all summer and hope to be back next year. All of the profit from the Farm Market goes directly to support the gardens and Kitchen-Garden classes at Creekside School. Thank you Dexter Wellness Center members!

Farm Market at Dexter Wellness Center

Upcoming Classroom and Cafeteria Events

Creekside Kitchen-Garden Flex Classes If your Creekside student is interested in signing up for this flex class, please have them talk to their team teachers!

After School Creekside Garden Club Garden club will be held on Mondays right after school in the Kitchen-Garden classroom, Room 211. If your student is interested in joining, please have them ask their team teachers for a permission slip.

Cafeteria Samplings We hope to have enough produce from the gardens in the next couple of weeks to do several samplings in the school cafeterias. Some of the student-grown produce we are hoping to include: green/purple beans, Swiss chard, cherry tomatoes, basil, spinach, lettuce, kale, tomatillos and garlic. Please check out our Facebook page or Dexter Food and Nutrition for more information on dates.

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