Dexter students say, “Delicious!” And we say, “Thank you!”

Dexter students were treated to an all Michigan-sourced, made from scratch meal to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday and the student responses were-

  • Delicious!
  • This is awesome!
  • I want everything!
  • The turkey and pumpkin pie were my favorite!
  • The potatoes look so good, can I try them?
  • This lunch was the best, can we have this everyday?

Many Wylie students had empty trays by the end of lunch, which is not typical of 3rd and 4th graders who are busy socializing, playing with slime, or just being silly.  Of course schools had their favorites, at Wylie the turkey and pumpkin pie were popular, at Creekside the potatoes were a hit.

A big thanks to all of the Dexter Food and Nutrition staff and UofM/EMU interns who made this meal possible!  Overall, 365 lbs of fresh Michigan turkey, 220 lbs of potatoes, 30 lbs of onions, 22 lbs of celery, 40 lbs of cranberries, and over 100 lbs of fresh pumpkins were roasted, cooked, pureed, and baked.

We also want to send a sincere thanks to all of our visitors including Washtenaw County Commissioner- Michelle Deatrick, Washtenaw County Food Systems Coordinator- Jae Gerhart, 10 Cents a Meal Representative- Tori Craig, and all of the parents, staff and community members who attended the Michigan-sourced lunch.  We appreciate your continued support and are grateful you were able to join us and celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday together.


The Farm to School Team


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