September Harvest Continues


As September continues and the reality of the school year sets in with homework, after school activities, and early mornings, sometimes preparing healthy school lunches at home can be routine and uninspired.

Need a break from the the hectic schedule of September?  Dexter Farm to School along with Dexter Food and Nutrition are happy to offer fresh, healthy, local lunch options in all 6 cafeterias.

On Monday Dexter Food and Nutrition received 40 lbs of beautiful slicer tomatoes from Hand Sown Farm, a certified organic farm in Manchester, MI.  Megan DeLeeuw, the Co-owner/Operator of Hand Sown has been farming since 2010, but has always been passionate about food and the environment.  Read more about Megan and the farm here.

The tomatoes will be served on salad bars at all Dexter schools.  In addition to this, tomatoes will be part of the cheeseburger entree at Wylie, nachos at Creekside, fajitas at DHS…

And where would the love be if they weren’t included in the Peace, Love and Burger Bar at DHS on Friday!  Go Dreads!

Farm to School is still harvesting from the Creekside gardens and students will be offered speckled trout lettuce and radishes on the salad bars late this week and early next week. Creekside students will be harvesting the last of the Roma tomatoes, tomatillos, cilantro and hot peppers for salsa at DHS all next week.




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