March Harvest of the Month changed to feature MI blueberries

So often when I meet with Food and Nutrition in August to decide our Harvest of the Month offerings, we look at seasonality, student input from past offerings and our farmers’ produce availability.  We had originally thought that we would be able to offer roasted root vegetables- parsnips, rutabagas, beets, and carrots- but we had to make a change at the last minute due to availability.  Our apologies for all of you who were looking forward to trying our delicious roasted root veggies next week!

We are happy to offer MI blueberries instead of the roasted root vegetable for March.  Blueberries will be served in a delicious homemade crisp at all six Dexter Schools.  Please check your students’ specific school menu for March dates.

Mmmm, gooey blueberry jam. . .


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