“BRING MORE” and other student responses to Farmer Visit in the Cafeteria

As part of our Farm to School feature this month, AND in celebration of Earth Day, the farmer who grew our food for this month came to visit Wylie Elementary on April 20th. Vicki Zilke of Zilke Vegetable Farm brought a flat of baby lettuce seedlings to show students what lettuce looks like as it grows up and passed out samples of the lettuce for students to preview before it is served on the lunch line on April 28th. She also brought in seeds from 4 different types of lettuce, watermelon, and squash.

At least 375 students tried the lettuce and talked to Farmer Vicki, and 241 of those students said that they liked the lettuce! That’s a ~64% positive response! 

Want to hear for yourself what students learned from the experience? 

Comments – 

I learned that lettuce is good.

bring more

I was good and bad. Will proble tast better in a saled

I bet it would taste even better with raspberry vinagret

I loved it!

I love this sooooo much this is amazing

I relly liked the lettuce and what kind of farm did it come from? YUM!!!

I LOVE LETTUCE! But this one is fresh and the Best one in the WORLD!

It was really good. The difference for me is that it’s more sweeter but really good.

Questions – 

How old where you when you first starded to grow letece?

How long does it take to grow the food?

Where can I find your food? I (Heart) your lettuce

Does the flavor change by age?

Why are letus seeds so small?

Do you have kids that help you at the farm?

Why did you deside to become a farmer?

Students will get to eat the Zilke Farm lettuce for lunch in all 6 schools on April 28th and 29th! We hope they like it and keep eating lettuce for a long time to come!

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